The 5th Hotel Tech conference will take place on 13 April 2022.

10.00 a.m. until 6.00 p.m.

The Conference will take place online and you can watch it by step 1: selecting section Lobby at the homepage of the official web site and step 2: you select the tab “LIVE”.

The participation is free.

For your participation at the conference, please fill in your details in the form which you will find at the main menu of the official website, by selecting the button “Registration”. When you complete the pre-registration step, you will receive the registration email accompanied with the link for your entry at the conference.

The keynote speeches will take place in the Room named “LIVE” at the Lobby section that you will find at the official conference’s website.

All participants will receive certificate of attendance by the Organizing Committee.

At the homepage you can select the option “Program”, or you can contact the Conference Secretariat at the following number: + 30 210-52.30.000

Smart Press is the organizer of the Conference, which is located at Mager 11, 104 38 Athens, tell.: +30 210 52.01.500 – +30 210 52.30.000| fax: +30 210 52.41.900| email: smart@smartpress.gr

You can contact us on the phone: +30 210-52.01.500

Please find the Conference’s Virtual Booths and Exhibitors by selecting the tab “Lobby” that you will find at the menu of the official website.

Important dates

Registrations for the 15th Panhellenic Congress of Nuclear medicine are open.
The starting date of the 15th Panhellenic Congress of Nuclear Medicine is 27th May 2021.
The closing date is 30th May 2021.