8 February 2018 – Athens, Wyndham Grand Hotel

Smart Hotel. Meet the future of tourism

A conference about technologies in tourist infrastructures

The 1st Hotel Tech conference showed the way, highlighting the new technologies as the main catalyst to upgrade the services offered by hotels, and by extension to enhance development and competitiveness in this sector.

The 2nd Hotel Tech conference, to be organized by Smart Press and take place on 8 February 2018, at Wyndham Grand Hotel, in Athens, will highlight the necessity for hotels to adopt modern technology trends, looking towards the future of tourism, and placing “Smart Hotel” at its core. Expected attendants in the conference include high-level managers of the hotel sector, as well as professionals who implement technology projects in hotels.

The technological revolution also brings on a revolution in tourism, turning the “Smart Hotel” concept into action. The goal is to improve customer experience in hosting units, on all levels, through environment-friendly practices, solutions and services that enhance entrepreneurship in the hotel sector, and offer an even stronger dynamic to Greek tourism.

During the 2nd Hotel Tech, speakers, institutions and companies that shape the conference’s content, will promote the message of using smart technologies in tourist infrastructures, while attending visitors from the tourist sector industry will receive this message.

The issues around which the 2nd Hotel Tech conference will take place, are the following:

1st Session: IT Solutions

Hardware and software solutions, and new digital technologies in Business IT, upgrade infrastructures and IT networks in hotel units, and contribute in enhancing productivity, functionality, flexibility, and saving resources. Internet of Things, Cloud, mobility applications and other technology trends, as well as new IT solutions and services, will be the focus of this section for the conference.

2nd Session: Communication Solutions

Wi-Fi equipment, unified telecoms, IP telephony and local networking solutions, are vital in the optimal provision of internet access services to tourist facility guests, as well as in the smooth and effective operation of such units in general. Evolution in networking, communications and internet access services, will be a significant part of the conference’s presentations.

3rd Session: Online Reservation & Digital Marketing

Online reservations, hotel activity promotions through the internet, search engines and social media, and targeted mobile applications, are today at the core of commercial policy management, and attracting hotel guests. Speakers about this issue will let visitors know how to use new technologies in a wider scale, in order to enhance their competitiveness and shape a successful strategy of attracting potential guests.

4th Session: Energy

Energy management is one of the biggest challenges for hotel facilities. Achieving the optimal energy efficiency, combined with the best possible operational cost saving, is the main goal of every hotel unit. New lighting technologies, modern air-conditioning solutions, evolved heat and motion sensors, control units, renewable energy sources, and energy upgrade and saving systems in general, will be some of the issues in this section.

5th Session: TV & Recreation

The role of TV in modern hotels is upgraded. A TV set is not just a medium to watch terrestrial and satellite channels, but rather has turned into an interactive tool, through which one can offer extended hospitality services, like Pay TV, music, videogames, internet browsing, email access, social media, connectivity with tablets & smartphones, and many other applications. The key to this change is IPTV technology, Headend infrastructures, network equipment, and of course new TV sets, to be presented during this section, along with Digital Signage solutions, to display digital content in all hotel areas.

6th session: Security & Safety

Security for guests, personnel, facilities and infrastructures, is a critical parameter for smooth hotel operation, as well as a main factor when guests choose a hotel, according to results by several studies. Technological developments in fire detection and control, electronic locks, security lighting, video surveillance systems, and other kinds of security systems used in hotels, as well as the significant role of the human factor in protection procedures, will be highlighted through speeches in this section.

Who is it for

Hotel Tech is for hotel owners, hotel managers, facility and supplies managers, security managers, ICT managers, digital managers, electro mechanic project managers, consultants, engineers, architects, manufacturers, subcontractors, tourism professionals, etc., who are a part of important decision making for the selection and administration of technology infrastructures in hotel facilities.

It’s also for technical companies, integrators, as well as businesses and professionals that provide services, trade in telecom, IT, energy, security and TV equipment, and implement technology projects in hotels and other businesses.

About the 1st Hotel Tech

The 1st Hotel Tech was organized by Smart Press on 9 February 2017 in Athens, under the auspices of the Ministry of Tourism, the Greek National Tourism Organization, and the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels. Hotel Tech highlighted in the most emphatic way the need of the hotel and tourism industry for a conference about tourism infrastructure technologies. The especially high rate of attendance by over 1.700 participants, the positive impressions received by the content of 48 speeches, presentations and workshops, and the feedback of satisfaction by over 50 sponsor-companies, marked the great success of the first Hotel Tech organizing, and cemented the basis for a conference that will be an annual point of reference for bringing together the technology and tourism sectors.

Conference Expo, Networking & Workshops

In a specially designed expo area for the conference, sponsor-companies will have the opportunity to contact visitors to let them know about their activities, solutions and services they offer, as well as discuss partnership opportunities.

Networking is an important parameter for the success of Hotel Tech, which is why the conference’s organizational committee offers the possibility of business meetings, as well as parallel activities by sponsors, like contests and special promotions.

There is also the option to organize Workshops, during which sponsor-companies can delve into presentation content and analyze practical matters, concerning technologies and solutions they offer.