18 February 2020 – Athens, Divani Caravel

Check in at the Digital Era Hotel!

The new digital era, the way it has been shaped during the last few years, could only have been a catalyst to the tourism business as well, especially hospitality facilities, focused on hotels.

The 4th Hotel Tech Conference (www.hoteltech.gr), to take place on 18 February 2020, in Athens, Greece, at the Divani Caravel Hotel, will highlight the effect of new technologies in upgrading services provided by hotels to their guests, strengthening competition amongst tourism hospitality businesses, saving operational costs for building infrastructures, as well as generally enhancing the tourism industry in Greece, leveraged by investments in modern technologies.

“Check in at the Digital Era Hotel”, is this year’s conference title, revealing the demand for adopting new technology trends by the hospitality industry, that will enable hotels to enter a new era, aiming to improve their guests’ hospitality experience.

Speakers and institutions that will support the conference, as well as sponsor companies that will participate in the expo, will present their strategies, tech trends and complete solutions, that can practically upgrade infrastructures and services for tourist hospitality facilities.

All professional ICT solutions and services, energy management tools, building automations, digital marketing and booking apps, TVs and digital signage systems, security and protection infrastructures, will be the main subjects for main speakers, as well as the conference’s parallel session.

In the 4th Hotel Tech Conference, which is now a reference for technological developments in the tourism industry, visitors are expected to be hotel industry executives, as well as professionals from businesses active in implementing technological projects in hotel facilities.

Business IT

Hardware and software solutions, and new digital technologies in Business IT, upgrade IT infrastructures and networks in hotel facilities, and contribute in enhancing productivity functionality, flexibility and resource management. Apps for Internet of Things, cloud, mobility and other technology trends, as well as digital security, managed services and IT services solutions, will be the focus of this conference.

 Communication Solutions

WiFi equipment, unified communications solutions, IP telephony and local networking solutions, are of vital importance, both for optimal provision of Internet access to tourism facility guests, as well as smooth and effective overall function of these facilities. Developments in networking, communications and Internet access services, will be a significant part of the conference’s presentations.

Digital Marketing & Online Reservation

Online booking, hotel promotion through the Internet, search engines and social media, are today at the core of commercial policy management and bringing guests to hotels. Speakers for this subject, will let visitors know about how can they utilize digital technologies widely, in order to strengthen their competitiveness and shape a successful strategy to bring new potential guests.



Energy resources management is one of the biggest challenges for hotel facilities. Achieving optimal energy efficiency, combined with the best possible saving of operational costs, is a main goal for all hotel facilities. New lighting technologies, modern air-conditioning solutions, advanced temperature and movement sensors, control units, renewable energy sources, as well as energy upgrade and saving systems in general, will be among the main subjects in this session.

 TV & Entertainment

TV definitely plays an upgraded role in modern hotels. A television device is not just a medium to display terrestrial and satellite channels, but has also turned into an interactive tool, which provides extended services and multiple apps. The keys to this change are IPTV technologies, HeadEnd infrastructures, networking equipment, and of course new TV devices, that will be presented in this session, along with digital signage solutions, for digital content display in all hotel areas.

 Security & Safety

The safety of guests, staff, facilities and infrastructures, is a critical factor for the smooth operation of hotels, as well as a main reason for guests to choose a hotel, according to several studies. Technological developments in detecting and fighting fires, electronic locks, safety lighting, video surveillance systems, including other security systems for hotels, as well as the role of the human factor in security procedures, will be highlighted through this session’s presentations.

Who is it for

Hotel Tech is for hotel owners, hotel managers, facility and supplies managers, security managers, ICT managers, digital managers, electromechanic project managers, consultants, engineers, architects, manufacturers, subcontractors, tourism professionals, etc., who are a part of important decision making for the selection and administration of technology infrastructures in hotel facilities.

It’s also for technical companies, integrators, as well as businesses and professionals that provide services, trade in telecom, IT, energy, security and TV equipment, and implement technology projects in hotels and other businesses.

Expo, parallel activities and workshops

At the conference’s special expo area, sponsor companies will have the opportunity to get in touch with visitors in order to let them know about their business activities, the solutions and services they provide, and discuss potential partnerships, during a constructive networking framework.

During the conference, a series of workshops will take place, where sponsor companies can analyze practical issues about technologies and solutions they provide

About Hotel Tech

The Hotel Tech conference is organized for the 4th time by Smart Press, a company with many years of experience organizing many significant conference events about technology. Under the auspice of the Ministry of Tourism, the Greek National Tourism Organization, and the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels, last year’s event gathered hundreds of visitors who had the opportunity to attend over 30 presentations and meet over 40 technology business brands, in the expo area.

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