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February 9th, 2017 – Athens, Divani Caravel

The first conference in Greece about Hotel related technologies

Tourism infrastructures, and especially hotels of any size and category, make a large vertical market, which because of the many major challenges it faces, is a wide field of application for many new technologies.

Especially in Greece -where tourism is the country’s heavy industry- making use of new technologies and implementing related projects, ensures the ability to be different and enhance the functionality / effectiveness of hotels. It also upgrades the services offered, which is of vital importance to the development of these businesses and to increasing revenue streams.

The Hotel Tech conference, organized by Smart Press in Athens, on 9 February 2017, aims to highlight all of these technologies that target the vertical hotels market today, focusing on 5 basic sectors. Specifically, that’s telecommunications, IT, energy, security and TV, as well as a combination of any of the above, as a part of System Integration.


Naturally, human resources have always played an important role in adopting and implementing all of those technologies.

All managers and personnel of hotels, through provision of all required knowledge, the right training and upholding procedures, are a main factor of optimally managing all of the above technologies.

This conference targets all of those people, in order to provide them with relevant knowledge, for them to make the right decisions, and make the best use of new technologies to the benefit of hotel businesses.


1st section

COM: Offer more to the guests!

Communication services and telecom equipment are crucial factors in a hotel, both for its internal business functions, as well as on the level of providing services to guests.
The unification approach, reliability and high performance in speed and availability -always combined with expected scale economies- are primary requirements in this age.
In this section, you’ll see how the telecom services and solutions sector is shaped today, which targets an especially demanding area, like that of modern tourist accommodations.
We’ll also present technological advancements (cloud, virtual reality, Internet of Things) and the changes these will bring to the operation of hotels.

2nd section

IT: The hotel’s heart is a digital one!

Like any business, so do hotels base a high percentage of their seamless and effective operation, on infrastructures and their available computer systems.
The optimal selection and correct management of these infrastructures, both in terms of hardware and software level, as well as IT infrastructure, contribute to productivity, development, services upgrade and saving resources for hotels.
Technological advancements in business IT for hotels will be presented in this section, covering a wide range of solutions and applications we are likely to see in this market.
Of equal importance is the matter of promoting activities through the Internet and Social Media, online sales, specialized mobile apps for smartphones and/or tablets, as well as the overall management of small hotels by trained agents.

3rd section

NRG: Efficiency – Saving – Automation

Energy management has always been one of the biggest challenges for hotels.
With the main goal always being to achieve the optimal combination of high energy efficiency and cost saving, hotel managers can now choose among a wide range of suggested solutions and automations, promising to reduce energy consumption and to improve the quality and efficiency of energy in lighting, airconditioning, as well as other infrastructures in the building.
This section’s presentations will help make the right decision about how to maximize the gains of investing on such a solution, and will contribute to promoting a culture of power-saving and “green” energy.

4th section

SEC: Security counts!

During the last years, there has been a constantly rising trend by travelers, to set security as one of the most important criteria when selecting a hotel.
Already, international studies show that security is among the five top criteria of choice.
Modern fire detection and firefighting systems, electronic locks, CCTV and monitoring systems, safety signage and other security technologies, can seamlessly be implemented in hotels.
Technological advancements in security, as well as the important role of human resources in the management of protection projects and procedures, will be the focus of this section.

5th section

TV: Entertainment – Information – Comfort – Revenue Stream

Modern services of TV content distribution in hotels have radically changed during the last years, as headends have been significantly improved in channel capacity, while interactive IPTV services are also an important competitive factor.
Besides simple viewing of antenna and satellite channels, modern hotel provisions include services like PayTV, VoD, music, videogames, Internet browsing, access to email and social media, connectivity to smartphones and tablets, and many other applications, both as information media as well as revenue streams.
Among the core interactive services in hotels, are IPTV HeadEnd, networking equipment, in-room TVs and any required middleware. All modern technological advancements about entertainment, information and guest comfort, will be presented during this section.

Who is it for

Hotel Tech can benefit hotel managers and owners, heads of installations and supplies, security managers, ICT department directors, digital managers, heads of electric engineering projects, consultants, engineers, architects, manufacturers, subcontractors, tourism professionals, as well as other decision makers in selecting and managing technological infrastructures for hotel facilities.

It also targets technical companies, subcontractors, manufacturers, integrators, as well as potential businesses and professionals that provide services, trade in equipment for telecoms, IT, energy, security and TV, and implement technological projects in hotels and corporations.

Conference expo section – Networking & Interactivity

In the conference’s dedicated expo area, corporate sponsors will have the opportunity to meet visitors, in order to let them know about activities, technological solutions and services they offer, as well as look into any possible partnerships.

Networking is an important factor of the conference’s success, and the organizers will make any possible effort to make sure it’s always available.

We’ll also hold several parallel activities (contests, promotions, workshops, etc.) in order to boost both interactivity and effectiveness.